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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

How to Get DirecTV to Stop Calling You

Stop Collection Calls from DIRECTV

If you have service with DirecTV, you probably know by now that they sometimes call you repeatedly if you miss a payment or don't properly close out your account.  Our research has shown that just to get DirecTV to turn off your service is a pain. They may transfer you multiple times, try to talk you out of it, and sometimes even "accidentally" hang up on you.  The result is that you're sometimes so frustrated that you just cannot properly cancel your service and you may have a small balance. 

When you have a balance, DirecTV may call you non-stop to get you to pay.  Sometimes they may even use automatic dialing systems or "robo dialers," or leave you automated messages. You can tell a company is using an autodialer when there is a delay when you pick up the phone.    

Why does a law firm care that DirecTV is calling you?  Because they may be violating your legal rights.  If the proper notice is given by an attorney, you may even be entitled to up to $500 per illegal call.  But to entitle you to any compensation and to get the calls to stop, you must follow the five steps listed below down to the last detail.  

5 Steps to Get DirecTV to Stop Calling You

  1. Call Davis Law Firm and ask me to send a "notice of representation" and "no contact" demand revoking your consent for them to call you. This is necessary if you truly want the calls to stop and if you have any hope at obtaining compensation for their harassment. We will not charge you for this

  2. When they call, answer the call and tell them to stop calling you.  Say "I revoke my consent for you to call me." Then hang up.  That's it.  Don't spend any more time talking to them than that. 

  3. Ask for their fax number and address.  This is where we will send the notice of representation and letter revoking consent.

  4.  Keep a detailed call log regarding any calls from them. I like to use an excel spreadsheet.  List the time and date of the call, the number they called you from, what they said, what you said ("stop calling" and "I have an attorney"), whether the call used an automated dialer or left an automated message, and any other details of the call. 

If you follow these steps, DirecTV will stop calling you.  Don't be scared about step 1, just call us and tell us what's going on.  We deal with these cases all the time and we're happy to get the notice of representation out on your behalf.  With these type of cases, you don't pay us any money unless we recover money on your behalf.  If we recover, we'll take out an agreed percentage.  If we don't recover you any money, then you don't owe us anything. Pretty simple, right? These contingent fee agreements are beneficial for both parties.  And at the very least, we can get the calls to stop.  If DirecTV or any other party is continually calling you, call Davis Law Firm today.  


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