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Friday, March 10, 2017

What to Do When You Receive Robocalls or Automated Calls

Robocalls or automated calls are annoying. We all get them, But what can we do about them? The answer is fight back. When you get a robo call to your cell phone it is probably a TCPA violation.  The Telephone Consumer Protection Act protects individuals from unwanted calls to your cell phone by punishing callers for up to $1500 per call.  

 Here's what to do when you receive a robocall:

  1. Answer the call and tell them to "stop calling."  
  2. Gather as much information on the caller as you can. Ask who they are, what they are calling about, and who they are calling for.  You may actually have to do this step before step one, since when you say "stop calling," you will likely get hung up on.  Call them back if you need to. 
  3. Document everything. Include the number they called you from, the time of the call, date, who you spoke with, employee ID number, what they said, what you said, etc.  Specifically note whether there was a delay in the call or automated voice. The more detail the better. 
  4. Answer and log all additional calls. Every detail you write at the time of the call can later be used for evidence to prove your case.  
  5. Contact an experienced TCPA attorney.  You may be entitled to $500 to $1500 per call.  

What to do before receiving calls:  

Sign up for the Do Not Call List. Simply go to: and sign up. 

Once on the Do Not Call List, you are not supposed to receive calls from telemarketers (it does not protect your from debt collectors). Any call after getting on the list to your landline or cellphone, is a $500 violation that you can sue for.  



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