Disputes with Cryptocurrency Exchanges

When trading coins or tokens on cryptocurrency exchanges, disputes can happen that cause major problems. One of the main problems we see is the freezing of accounts or digital currency within an account. Or maybe you purchased a digital currency, and the price changed or the currency is not showing up in your account. Often, there are technical explanations for these issues, other times you need an experience cryptocurrency law firm to advance your interests.

Cryptocurrency exchanges have come a long way since 2009, but they’re not perfect. The world of digital cryptocurrency is evolving and exchanges are trying to keep up. Exchanges are attempting to comply with the strict regulations of governments across the world and, in the process, that can cause growing pains. Some of those growing pains come at a customer’s expense.

Sometimes cryptocurrency exchanges freeze or terminate an account for various reasons. Many times the suspicion is unfounded and is the result of coins being transferred from wallet addresses that have been improperly flagged. Your issue may involve an improperly terminated a trade. In that case you may have missed out on significant profits. Suspending access to an account with outstanding loan on the platform can further complicate the issue. In these situations, you need experienced bitcoin lawyers on your side.

The first thing you should do when involved in a dispute with an exchange is review and comply with their user agreement. This is the contract you entered with the exchange when you signed up. The user agreement will contain a provision that requires you to take certain steps before filing a lawsuit. Those steps often involve contacting customer service and filing a formal complaint with their company. Make sure you comply with all of the steps required, otherwise your case may never make it to court or arbitration.

There are an array of issues that can arise between cryptocurrency exchanges and their customers. Often, these issues can be resolved without litigation, but sometimes a lawsuit is required. We understand that you likely have significant assets on the line, assets that many consider as their investment and retirement funds. We understand the value that these assets mean to you and your family and can help when you have dispute with your exchange.

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