First-Party Property Damage Claims

When your property is insured for physical damage, this is considered a first-party insurance policy.  When damage occurs to your property, you make a claim directly with your insurance company.  Thus, it is a “first-party” claim.  This is compared to third-party claims, which typically involve a liability issue where the property owner is suing or being sued for their actions.  Some examples of first-party insurance are homeowner’s policies, business interruption policies, commercial property policies, some forms of auto insurance (not liability), and others.

If you have an issue with your property insurer, give us a call.  Although we often represent companies, buildings, or condominium associations with property values in the millions of dollars, we also take small cases too.  We are able to do this because Florida has enacted a statute that allows for attorney’s fees in the instance that you’re forced to pursue the insurance company to make them pay your claim.  In other words, if we win your claim, we get you the money you deserve and we get paid for our time by the insurance company.  The statute evens the playing field between policyholders and wealthy insurance companies.  As a result, no case is too big or too small.  We often take small cases on a contingency fee basis and attempt to recoup our attorney’s fees from the insurance company.  If we don’t win, there is no charge to you.  So whether you have a $500 theft claim or a $5,000,000 construction defect claim, we can help you get the money that the insurance company owes you.

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