Insurance Coverage Co-Counsel

As a law firm devoted primarily to practicing in the area of insurance coverage law, much of our practice involves working as co-counsel with referring attorneys in all types of insurance disputes. By working together, we are able to provide our mutual clients the best possible representation.

Attorney Referrals

We understand that when referring someone to a law firm, your reputation is on the line.  The attorney you refer your clients, friends, and family to is essentially a reflection of you.  At the Davis Law Firm, you can rest assured that we approach every case as our most important and that we especially value the cases we receive from fellow attorneys in the community. 

The majority of our cases come from referrals from other attorneys and we recognize the value that our referring colleagues provide.  As such, we pay referral fees on all of the eligible cases that are referred to us in accordance with the Florida Bar Rules.  In short, when an insurance issue arises, we remember the attorneys that remember us.  This approach has worked out well for us, our colleagues, and our clients. 

Referring attorneys include attorneys handling the liability portion of personal injury cases, construction lawyers that are focused on their client’s liability, insurance defense attorneys that cannot get involved with coverage issues for conflict reasons, and attorneys that are simply looking to refer their clients to the best coverage attorneys around.

Coverage Co-Counsel

Insurance coverage issues come up for practicing attorneys on a daily basis, no matter what type of law you practice.  Often times, the issues are outside the realm of a general practitioner’s depth.  I can tell you that personally, while working as coverage counsel for the insurance companies, we loved nothing more than to see a general practitioner, personal injury attorney, or general business litigation attorney on the other side in a coverage case.  To be candid, those cases often resulted in an easy win for the insurance companies.

Obviously, that is not always the case.  Often times successful coverage litigation comes down to knowing the minute distinctions in insurance coverage law, knowing the tact to take with insurance companies, and simply having the time to put into drafting detailed, policy-specific motions.  Admittedly, a lot of these items are foreign (not to mention boring) to most attorneys.  That is not the case for us.  We’d be delighted to do the heavy lifting in your insurance coverage case.  And by enlisting us as co-counsel, you would be doing the prudent thing for your client.

Coverage issues can often determine how successful your client’s case actually is.  You may have the best liability case in the world, but if you can’t collect against the defendant or insurance company, your representation is not beneficial to your client.  Conversely, if your client is the defendant, you may do a great job in limiting your client’s exposure to 10% of the claimed liability, but if your client is not covered by its insurer, the judgment and attorney’s fees could end up becoming a nightmare.

We have successfully represented hundreds of coverage matters, including complex coverage litigation, construction defects, responding to strenuous federal motions, and those little-known nuances that can often determine the outcome of your coverage action.  If you have an issue with coverage in your case, don’t try to handle it yourself, give us a call. 

As explained above, we welcome attorney referrals of insurance disputes and routinely make referral fee arrangements with referring counsel in accordance with The Florida Bar rules.  If you are representing your client on a contingent fee basis, we are also flexible when it comes to getting creative in order to figure out compensation.  In other words, whatever type of fee structure you have, we are certain that we can work with it.  Please keep us in mind the next time an insurance issue comes across your desk. 

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