Insurance Coverage Litigation

Insurance coverage is the area of law that has evolved from litigation between insurance companies and policyholders over the often-complicated language found in insurance policies.  Insurance policies are often difficult to understand to even the most sophisticated mind and, as a result, an entire body of law has developed over how the policies should be interpreted.  Further, there is a factual component to coverage—whether a party is covered for a claim sometimes turns on minute factual details.  We represent insurance carriers and policyholders that are in need of experienced coverage counsel.

Mr. Davis has spent the last several years of his career litigating coverage issues for insurance companies.  After litigating and handling hundreds of cases for the insurance companies, Mr. Davis's representation now also includes policyholders and claimants  seeking coverage, as well as insurers seeking equitable subrogation from other insurance companies.  We know the law in Florida.  In fact, Mr. Davis has helped create some of the law.  Our experience, combined with our extremely reasonable fees and knowledge of getting the insurance company to settle and pay claims, makes hiring the Davis Law Firm the clear choice in insurance coverage matters.  Don’t just hire an attorney who dabbles in insurance coverage; hire one that handles these issues every single day.

Since policyholders are entitled to reimbursement of their attorney’s fees if they win an insurance coverage lawsuit, it is in the financial interest of both carriers and policyholders to hire the best coverage attorney that they can find. 

In addition to declaratory actions and situations where policyholders and carriers are litigating coverage, the following are common situations where you should also hire a coverage attorney:

Insurance coverage is important because, without coverage, your business could be left exposed to a large judgment, incur substantial fees to defend a lawsuit, or unknowingly forfeit coverage rights that are rightfully yours.  If you’re sued and the insurance company denies coverage for the claim, the expenses and liability could potentially bankrupt your business.  The need is even more obvious when your insurance company files a declaratory action.  Let us evaluate whether your case is covered and guide you on how to proceed.  We will consult with you at no initial charge. 

When an insured party submits a claim, the insurance company either denies the claim, accepts the claim and pays it, asks for more time to investigate, or reserves their rights to later deny coverage.  All of these situations can require an experienced insurance attorney.  Our firm devotes the majority of its practice to insurance disputes and claims.  We handle insurance issues from before a claim is made through the end of litigation. 

We have litigated numerous insurance cases in state and federal courts throughout Florida and Georgia.  We often litigate over issues regarding denial of insurance coverage, underpayment of claims, delays in payment of claims, and bad faith by the insurance companies.  We handle claims that involve:

If you have an insurance coverage dispute, hire a law firm that knows how to get you the coverage you deserve. 

The Davis Law Firm is located in Jacksonville, Florida and serves clients throughout the states of Florida and Georgia, including Jacksonville, Miami, Pensacola, Orlando, Tampa, St. Petersburg, St. Augustine, Fort Myers, Daytona Beach, Panama City, Destin, Melbourne, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Tallahassee, the Florida Keys, and everywhere in between.

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