Life Insurance Claims

At the Davis Law Firm, we aim to protect the rights of our clients by obtaining the life insurance benefits that they deserve.  Our clients are often policyholders or beneficiaries of a life insurance policy.

When someone you love dies, you not only have to deal with the resulting grief, but you also may have to deal with a number of resulting financial problems including funeral costs and lost income.  When you are a beneficiary of a life insurance policy, you were undoubtedly close to the deceased and you may have even relied upon them to meet your daily needs.  At Davis Law Firm, we understand that a denial of life insurance policy benefits during the grieving period can turn your life upside down. Our life insurance attorneys are here to help you try and put the pieces back together.  

Your life insurance benefits can get denied for a number of reasons.  The most common reason we see is for an alleged misrepresentation in an insurance application. Life insurance companies will look at your original application that you (or your loved one) filled out when you applied for life insurance years ago, and try to find reasons to exclude coverage. The problem with this unsavory tactic is that life insurance companies have the burden to prove that any misrepresentation was either fraudulent (i.e. a blatant lie) or material (i.e., the incorrect statement affected coverage). Proving a statement in an application is fraudulent is extremely difficult for life insurance companies.  They then have to go through the process of actually rescinding your life insurance policy, which essentially entails paying you back all of the premiums you have ever paid and acting as if the life insurance policy never existed. 

There are multiple ways to combat a life insurance company's denial of life insurance benefits. Notably life insurance applications contain complex questions that you may have not understood at the time.  If an application question was ambiguous, a life insurance attorney can help you prove that any incorrect information in the application was not your fault and was not material. 

Life insurance claims can also get denied for reasons other than a misstatement in an application, such as an issue with the way the insured died (e.g., suicide) or the time of death (e.g., directly after the policy was issued).  The good news is, the inquiry does not end there.  An experienced life insurance attorney can help you evaluate and possibly combat any number of reasons that the claim may have been denied.  

In sum, if your life insurance claim has been denied, you need an experienced life insurance attorney on your side.  If your life insurance benefits have been denied for any reason, contact Davis Law Firm to speak with an attorney about what can be done to help.  The initial consultation is free, but the advice and representation could turn out to be priceless.  We're here to help you get your life back on track.  Contact Davis Law Firm with your life insurance issues today.  

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