Underpayment of Claims

Often times when you submit a claim to the insurance company, the insurance company will evaluate the damages as less than the damage that has actually been incurred, especially in situations where your property is damaged.   Sometimes they will even send you a check in the hopes that you simply cash it and go away.  The case may be that the check is grossly inadequate for the damage or injury that you suffered.  Insurance companies often rely on the fact that you need the money now and will just give up pursuing the claim any farther. 

Underpayment often happens because policyholders do not understand the nature of their coverage or the rights they may be giving up by accepting a check.  Do not cash a check tendered by the insurance company without speaking to an experienced insurance lawyer first.  If you cash the check, you may be giving up certain rights.  Often times settlement checks require a complete release of the insurance company or could be deemed a full and final settlement.  No matter how friendly the insurance company’s adjuster is, they are still an employee of the insurance company and have the company’s best interests at heart, not yours.

If you receive an inadequate valuation or a check in the mail from the insurance company call us immediately.  You may be entitled to more money and we can help you get every penny you deserve. 

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